Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am not qualified to be his mom

If I had known ahead of time what my firstborn would be like, I would have become a scientist before I had him. Last week we had a loooong conversation (followed by some research) about how one gets salt out of the ocean (a process I now know is called desalination) and about how long it takes a tree to rot out and become a hollow long. Below are just a few of the things Joshua has asked me about in the past twelve hours:

1. How did they make that big truck? How do they make cars? Where does the metal come from? How do they make it shaped like that? Why are there different kinds?

2. Why is it called an eardrum? How do they (scientists) know what it looks like? How do they take it out after a person is dead to look at it?

3. I wish I could make a guitar out of plastic. (I told him they are usually made out of wood.) How do they make the wood so smooth? How do they get it shaped like that? What are the strings made out of?

4. Why is a diamond white? Where do they come from? Is a mine like a cave? If I dug really deep in the yard, could I find some diamonds? Are all of them from Africa? Are there any in America? Was the Lost Sea a mine? (No, just a cave, said I.) Well, then where did they get all those gems in the gift shop? How do they know Indians used to use that cave?

5. How does a stinkbug (he took a HUGE one to show & tell today) make the bad smell? Is it gas? How does he make it come out on purpose? Does he move his butt when he sprays it?

These are simply a few random samplings of the questions Joshua asks all. day. long. And he wonders why mommy's exhausted.


CM and JM said...

I say he is wwwaaaayyyy ready for his first whole set of Encyclopedia's!!!

Jaime (ChaseNKids) said...

I would say he is ready for the gifted program! What a cool kid! I have one of those 'curious' sons too. He's made me a lot more interested in things I used to find rather blah...

Loved this entry!

Nicole said...

Becky - this was me as a child! My parents finally (I think out of frustration) bought me the book "How Do They Do That?" and "More How Do They Do That?" I poured over these books. Probably a little tough for Joshua to read on his own right now, but might be a good read together. :-)