Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

With tomorrow being Joshua's birthday I thought it would behoove me to go ahead and make my thankful list today since the next couple of days are going to be pretty busy. The celebration begins with taking cupcakes to school tomorrow. The light saber cakes will follow on Saturday.

  • Obviously, my first thankful thought this week is for the 8 lb 3 oz baby boy I gave birth to 6 years ago tomorrow.
  • David finally heard from Harrisburg about the job with the PA Health Dept. They hired someone else. Which, oddly enough, is exactly what David and I both had hoped would happen. Had he gottten that offer, we would have had a tough choice to make, but now we don't. We are bound for his hometown and happy about it. Now we have to decided whether he should go ahead without us or wait with us until we sell the house. He wants to stay. I want him to stay. Neither of us is sure which way God is leaning, though.
  • The fact that I can even write and think about this without being overcome by fear and panic. That is truly a miracle in itself and one of the biggest signs for me that God is in control of this move.
  • That I can still sign Josh's birthday card as "mommy." I wonder how many more years that will last.
  • The chance to spend some good one-on-one time with Ethan this week. His math skills amaze me. Joshua may be the athlete in the family, but so far Ethan understands math on a level that Josh does not. He (Ethan) was doing simple subtraction without manipulatives or pictures yesterday, and he didn't get a single problem wrong. He did not get this from me. I got at least 3 wrong.

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