Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It must be tough to be my kid

I'm not a hoarder. I am a purger by nature; when I am finished with something, I get rid of it. It's so bad that it truly never even occurred to me to keep a piece of my children's baby clothing until after Lauren was born. I kept nothing from the boys . . . not one thing. Of course, in preparation for moving soon, I have been in over-purge mode, which is saying A LOT for me. A conversation with Joshua last night makes me wonder if I haven't gone a bit overboard:

Josh: Mommy, some night soon can I please stay up all night to play with all of my toys?
Me: What?
Josh: I never have time to play with aaallll of my toys, so can I stay up all night to do it?
Me: No, of course you can't stay up all night. Why do you need to play with every toy at once?
Josh: Because sometimes you say you're getting rid of something because we haven't played with it in a long time.

Yes, he's a smart kid. Note to self: keep Joshua.

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