Thursday, October 9, 2008

The boys playing soccer

This is for far away family who want to see the boys in action. Really, if you're not family, don't feel obligated to click. Or if you do, remember I won't know you pressed the stop button after 90 seconds. This is a really long clip, but it starts with one of Josh's MANY goals of last week's game. (The camera work is not great because, well, I'm a pretty lousy camera-operator, and because I was having to swivel back and forth between the fields the boys were on and try to watch Lauren at the same time.) So far this season, I would guess Josh averages about 8-10 goals per game. Ethan has scored only one goal so far (but it was the first of the season!), but he has really improved in getting to the ball and had quite a few assists last week. Okay, having pasted this clip, I'm now not sure it's the right one. Since it took about 6 years to upload to youtube, it's the one we're keeping here for now. Enjoy . . . who knows what's on this one!

Also, I swear I don't sound like that in real life. Not even close.

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CM and JM said...

They are adorable :) I made it 1:41 min. and then stopped it. ur right, you saw some of it, you saw all of it :) :)