Sunday, October 12, 2008

Joshua's birthday

Of course, the birthday begain with opening the gifts from mom, dad, and the siblings. He liked the gifts; he loved the card. The gifts elicited smiles and thanks; the Darth Vader musical birthday card elicited this dance:

After school I took him to Toys R Us because he wanted them to announce his birthday over the loudspeaker like they did on Ethan's birthday. He also got a balloon and a crown:

In keeping with his tradition, he picked Red Lobster for his birthday dinner. I wish I'd taken a picture of him with his snow crab every year to track his growth. He's been choosing them for his birthday dinner since he turned three. Yes, that's right. Snow crab. Since age three.

That was all Friday on his birthday. Saturday was the party. This is how Joshua greeted his guests:

The party began with two challenges the kids had to complete to earn their jedi badges: a balloon challenge and an obstacle course:

I forgot to take a picture of the table with all the food on it. The kids dined on star and moon shaped sandwiches, wookie cookies (animal crackers - plain for the light side, chocolate for the dark), grapes and canteloupe balls (planets), lightsaber pretzel rods, and yoda soda (green sprite).

They topped it off with light saber cakes. I must add as a disclaimer that when I decided to do lightsaber cakes, I failed to take into account how much more surface area I would have to frost by cutting the cakes lengthwise and placing them end to end. My hand was so cramped from squeezing the frosting bag that the instead of nice, pretty star shaped frosting, I pretty much striped the frosting onto the sides. I've made much more difficult cakes, but the sheer surface area this one created was a nightmare - took me almost 4 hours.

After eating, the kids enjoyed playing outside with their lightsabers (aka, dollar store bats with duct tape wrapped around the ends).

Opening the gifts:

The Darth Vader cape was not reserved for Joshua alone (my niece):

Neither were the incredible hulk gloves (my dad):

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kim said...

WAY TO GO Becky!!!!

Awesome, awesome. You have the happiest sleeping 6yo Jedi right about now I am sure.