Friday, September 19, 2008

Thankful Friday

1. Life and health. My uncle found out today that advanced cancer is riddled throughout his entire abdomen. You can be sure I hugged my kids extra hard tonight as I reminded myself that every day with them is a gift.

2. A dancing daughter, beautiful girls, and fancy curls. My sister-in-law's sister (got that?) got married last weekend, and the little girls had such a blast dancing at the reception. Lauren also go to hold one of the bridesmaid's bouquets for awhile, which she thought was fabulous.

Lauren and some of my beautiful nieces:


The curls on the flower girls (two are my nieces):

Lauren with the bouquet:

And, now the dancing . . .

With her Pops:

With her cousin Blythe:

With her uncle Dan:

With a group of girls:

With her uncle Ben:

With a random little girl she didn't know:

3. Fall. It is without question my favorite season. It is beginning to feel less and less like we live on the surface of the sun, a few leaves are starting to change, and the grocery store is full of pumpkins and all manner of other gourds. I let the kids each pick one to paint. Lauren thought her arms made a better palette.

Ethan painting:

Joshua painting:

Like the post-nap hair?

What a difference a smile can make:

The arm:

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