Monday, September 15, 2008


My apologies to anyone who has been checking my blog today (and I'm sure all 2 of you check it hourly, right?) and noticed the, um, constantly-changing background. I decided to spiff up my blog a little and thought I'd get into the spirit of the season and use the orange and yellow for Fall . . . but, seriously, who'm I kidding? The polka dots and ribbons, cute as they were, are just not me. It wa starting to annoy ME to open my own blog, so it had to go. Now, only 374 backgrounds previews later, I think I'll keep this one. At least for another few minutes.

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Kristin Gallatin said...

Where do you look for backgrounds at......I am new at the blog thing and only have looked at the few that were offered when I started it......Any good suggestions?