Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reluctant pictures of our trip to GA Tech

I must begin this post with a resounding WAAAAAAAAAAR EAGLE!

Unfortunately, my big brother - who I in so many ways admire and desire to emulate - is, I must confess, a GA Tech alum. Sigh. I know. When he invited the rest of the family to accompany him and his wife and kids to a game last week, it was with mixed emotions that I agreed to go. I knew the kids would love going to the game with their cousins, and I knew that we'd have a great time together as a family. But, really?? GA Tech? Alright. We went, and we did indeed have a great time. Here are some of the pictures, but keep in mind there is an invisible War Eagle super-imposed over each one. :)

Before the game, we enjoyed a picnic on a big grassy knoll where the kids had a blast playing football and goofing around.

Football playing:

My football player nephew:

Some of the girl cousins:

Me, David, and the kids:

After trying forever to get a good picture of my kids, Josh and Ethan began hamming it up when my 8 year-old niece got out her camera. Here's how they posed FOR HER with no instruction!

My sister-in-law and three of my nieces:

Blame it on their age, my poor parenting, whatever . . . but, Josh and Ethan sure did love to boogy when GA Tech scored!

My niece in the bleachers:

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Holly Tye said...

beautiful photos, becky!