Friday, September 26, 2008

How cool a mom am I?

If you had asked me yesterday what award my kids would most likely nominate me for, I would have said without hesitation that it would be Meanest Mom of the Year or Most Likely to Scare the Crap out of Her Kids With a Mere Facial Expression . . . something along those lines. I'm pretty sure if you asked them again today, though, I would HAVE to at least be in the running for coolest mom.

I accidentally ran over this little fellow on our street this morning:

Seeing in my rear view mirror that he had not slithered away, I decided to check on him. He was almost dead, but not, um, splattered. (Sorry for the visual; can't think of a better word) Since he was still quite whole, I knew my kids would love to see and handle him, so I dumped the contents out of our lunchbox and bagged him for the kids. They loved seeing him and touching him (actually, it could have been a her, who knows), so it made for a fun little science lesson. No, we won't be eating out of that lunchbox again, mom. Don't worry.

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Jawan said...

You are definitely a VERY cool mom. I love being outside with my boys, getting dirt under my nails (and sometimes in my underwear) but I don't think I'd every pick up a snake. I'll call you when I run over one so you can pick it up for me.