Monday, January 18, 2010

Worship songs by Lauren

We have recently started having "family worship time" with the kids, or as Lauren calls it, "playing church." Last night Lauren said that she had the perfect song for us to sing. "It's very gloriful," she said and then proceeded to sing song after song that she made up on the spot.

I didn't have my video camera charged last night, so this morning I asked her to sing them again for the camera. I wish she could have remembered what she sang last night, but she came up with two others.


Susanna said...

Love her songs! :-)

Lenae said...

Aw! The sweet songs, her cute little voice, the Disney princesses nightgown- I love it all! :D

And I think it is AWESOME that you do family worship time! My hubby and I have talked about doing family worship since we had our first son, and this is a total kick in the butt to get moving on it. Thanks for setting a good example :)

beckygiggles said...

Love it! My four year old has been making up prayers ever since she learned the Lord's prayer. They're very different from her usual "Thank you God for this and that" prayers. She'll say things like "I love God and God loves me. He is my Father and I obey Him." I LOVE it. It lets you see that more is sinking in than you realize.

The Zevacs said...

love it!!!!