Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy Quick Takes Friday


I don't usually have a theme to my Quick Takes, but this week there is one pressing thought drowning out all my other thoughts: I'm cold!!!


So, I thought I'd share with you a little of what our new life looks like. (This is not meant to rub salt in the wound of those of you currently living with the bitter disappointment that is children in Georgia who were told they would get snow and then didn't. Really. Sorry about the timing. Go egg the weatherman's house or something.)


My kids are really sort of over the excitement of snow. They love it, of course, but they no longer ooh and aah over it as it's become sort of commonplace now. They are, however, completely enamored with icicles.

The boys are constantly finding ways to get them down and use them as swords. They like to bring them in the house, set them on the counter, and then go back outside, leaving them to melt on my kitchen counters.


This morning when we pulled into Lauren's preschool, she said, "Mommy, look at that HUGE icicle on top of my school!"

(In case you can't tell, it's a steeple.)


Speaking of Lauren's school, she goes to a church school. It is a CMA church, which apparently stands for Christian Missionary Alliance. I am not at all familiar with this denomination, and apparently neither is Lauren.

She asked me of the denomination's logo on the side of the building, "Mommy, why is there a toilet on my school?"

Note to self: remind daughter not to refer to sacred chalice as toilet.


So on to the snowy pictures. Lauren after school today playing on one of the mounds created by the snow plow:

Last night's accumulation of snow:


Fact of life in Snowymountaintown, PA: if you don't have a garage and you don't go anywhere for a few days, this could happen to you.


I will admit it's pretty. Our town:

Our courthouse:

Our town square:

Mailboxes I'm glad are not ours:

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Lenae said...

Ha! That is too funny about Lauren thinking the chalice was a toilet!

I enjoyed my first experience with real, at-least-a-couple-inches-on-the-ground snow this Christmas. It was truly magical, but I can't say I love the hour-long process of bundling up to go down the street to the grocery store ;)

The Flukers said...

Hey Becky! Saw your blog link on facebook and loved reading your story! How out of the loop I've been since moving! What an amazing testament to God's faithfulness! Love seeing the pictures and all the snow. We got a light dusting here and everything is shut down! :)

This Heavenly Life said...

That is one large icicle :)

We've had snow on the ground since Christmas, and I'm now ready for it to be gone. I love watching the snow fall (as it is doing right now, though it wasn't forecast in the least), but after a day or three, I'm ready for it to melt...then maybe next month I'll want some more. How come I can't order the weather around, anyway?

happygeek said...

I attend a CMA church, my WHOLE family is involved in it, heck my grandma even had a cushion with the pitcher, the crown the cross and the laver on it.
And hey, you got more snow than me. And I'm Canadian.
Funny eh? :)