Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Sledding

Last year I considered 75 degrees to be a nice day and 22 degrees to be arctic blast. Nevertheless, I got up this morning, saw that it was sunny outside (I just knew there was still a sun up there somewhere) and that it was supposed to get up to 22 today (despite the fact that it was -1 at the time), and thought, "Looks like it will be a good day to do something outside."

Yes, that's all it takes now: sun and a double-digit temperature.

So after going to church, eating lunch, and spending 52 minutes putting on our snow gear, we found a hill a few blocks from our house.

This was the kids' first time sledding, and having grown up in Georgia, I am not exactly an expert at it myself unless you count sledding down my grandma's hill on a cookie tray every six years. So, I'm still learning about this snow stuff. I thought snow + hill = good sledding. How naive I was. Apparently, there is wet snow and dry snow, and what we had today was dry snow.

We arrived, and I led the way to the top of the hill like a general leading his troops. I was as excited as the kids. I put my sled down (and by sled, I must note I mean a plastic saucer from Dollar General), hopped on it, and pushed off.

And slid about 4 inches. It was rather anticlimactic as I sat there with a saucer full of snow, going nowhere. I was ready to throw up my snowgloves and go home, but fortunately, David had a plan. Apparently, you have to create a smooth path in the snow, so the first few rides are just sort of trailblazing. Once there is a path, the "sled" goes much more quickly . . . at least for the sledders who weigh about 100 lbs less than I do.

Here are some pictures, but as usual I'm behind the camera for all of them.


Renae Davidson said...

If I show these pictures to my kids, they will be insanely jealous!

Looks like a great time, and great pics, too!

CM and JM said...

We even put WD-40 on our sleds to make it go faster when we were in OH :) It worked well for Timo and Noah

Anonymous said...
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