Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I'm sorry to report that I took very few pictures on Christmas. And by few, I mean one. Here it is:

My parents went in with us to buy a the kids a Wii. The boys are addicted to MarioKart and have become good enough at it that they sometimes finish in first place. My record is 11th. Out of 12. And that was only once.

Lauren loves the bowling because it's the only thing easy enough for her to do well. I'm with Lauren.

(This was not technically a Christmas gift since David bought it for himself, but my feeling is that anything purchased the week of Christmas counts as a gift and totally absolves me of guilt for the purely functional jacket I bought for him and the men's body wash I put in his stocking.)

So, have you ever heard the Bible read by Darth Vader James Earl Jones? It's slightly disconcerting. "I am the God of your faaaathers . . ." David likes to have it playing in the background as we go about our day. I keep expecting Yoda to chime in.

Yes, David got me a snuggie, and yes, I actually asked for it. I love it and find no shame in it whatsoever. Though I must admit I don't look quite as happy as the woman in the picture when I wear it. I must find out what book she's reading.

We gave each of the boys one of these costumes for Christmas as Joshua had been asking for one for months. It was by far his favorite gift. (Ethan's is the Wii.)

Joshua put his costume on, walked over to me, and said, "It's official. I'm officially a dangerous guy."

David's parents gave the kids a set of marbles. They LOVE playing it with Grandma. However, as was bound to happen, one of them dropped the container in my bedroom yesterday and spilled 163 or so marbles on my bedroom floor. We did get them all cleaned up but not before I pulled a Lucy Ricardo and slipped on them. Ouch.


-V said...

The Vader Bible totally cracked me up.

Lenae said...

At first I thought the Bible being read by James Earl Jones was cool, but then I visualized Darth Vader standing in the corner reading it aloud and it messed me all up. Ha, and the Yoda part! Oh man, I think I'll save that mental picture for times when I'm bored :D

Rock that Snuggie! I don't have one, but I may secretly wish I did.....