Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Thankful Quick Takes


Thank you, God, that all of my children are playing safely in their rooms right now and not trapped under a mountain of concrete.


Thank you that when my children are hungry I can feed them, and when they are thirsty, I have only to go as far as the kitchen sink to find clean water for them.


Thank you that the sound I am hearing from my children right now is laughter. I know that it will turn to crying and screaming soon - it always does - but I am confident that their cries will not be caused by true pain or suffering or affliction.


Thank you that the things my children fear today are monsters under the bed, a too-dark room, and dogs that bite. They are not acquainted with the fear of being orphaned, of being wounded and stuck in a dark and scary pile of rubble, or of the ground giving way beneath them . . . again.

Thank you that, at least for today, everyone I love is alive and well.


Thank you that You have a heart of compassion and that You are even now looking down on Your suffering children with love and mercy.


Thank you for using unspeakable tragedy to remind me of all that I have to be thankful for today.


Lenae said...

Great reminders. What's happening in Haiti seems to be weighing heavily on most everyone's mind and heart right now...

Carol DD - CA said...