Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rebel without a cause

Is it just me, or is the world being seriously dumbed down? Take a look at the antibiotic I got a couple of days ago.

It seems to me they could have just said, "Take two doses the first day and one dose for the next four days." That's not confusing. Not difficult to understand. Was the big circle around the first two pills really necessary? The arrow? The labeling of all the subsequent days?

As you can see, I chose to rebel against the insulting instructions and illustrations. I took the "Day 4" pill on day 3. So there.

I also sometimes refuse to put my seatbelt on just because I WON'T give in to the dinging sound my van makes when the driver's belt is not buckled. Doggonit, I'll buckle because it makes me safe and only because it makes me safe and NOT because the vehicle manufacturer decides I need to!

Perhaps I have a problem with authority?


Bill said...

Do you think that ambulance chasing trial lawyers might have anything to do with the labeling?

Anonymous said...

NO, a Davidson with a problem with authority...NEVER...HA HA HA...I think all of us Davidson's have at least a minor problem with that, and then there's me I have a MAJOR problem with it...I bet you can guess who I am!!!!