Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday

I thought I'd give this a try again this month since it's a pretty simple style of poetry again. This month's assignment is a couplet.

A princess, lovely, kind, and full of grace,
Caring not that she has chocolate all over her face.

Visit The Little Stuff of Life for more - better! - poems.


Lenae said...

Ha ha! Funny and oh-so-cute. I want to pinch her cheeks :)

This Heavenly Life said...

Hehe! Princesses can do whatever they want, right?!

Amanda said...

Cute picture and great couplet!

Bridget Adams said...

Great poem Becky...hey can you send bridget and I ya'lls address up there? I think you may have done it already, but bridget can't locate the e-mail...thanks!

Stephanie said...

Awesome! Love the contrast + the pic is so funny!

Thanks for joining in!