Friday, August 22, 2008

Thankful Friday

1. Donuts and neighbors. Lauren's sweet friend Bethany (also our next-door neighbor) came over this morning, and we made the semi-homemade donuts I found on Jawan's blog. Kids had a blast, and donuts were delicious. Note the past-tense. It happened quickly.

The donuts:

Bethany loved the shaking part:


Ethan, because he seriously notices when his picture is not on my blog:

2. The loose change spinner/sorter thing at Publix. It's amazing . . . like magic almost. I put in spare change from 2 half-full gallon sized ziploc bags and walked away with almost $60 in paper bills! I didn't have to sort it or try to squeeze it into those stupid paper change rolls that you have to use for finger to plug the bottom of, and the coins always end up going in at a an angle . . . yeah, I hate them. Seriously, it's like a video game, AND it entertains my kids. They took turns throwing handfuls of coins into the tray . . . it was waaaaay better than one of those ponds where I'll only give them like 3 pennies each because I'm really cheap and ridiculous like that. PLUS, it recognizes what items are non-money and spits them out to you at the end. Our first baggy produced 2 tums tablets, the second a key. Are you already guessing the fun I'm going to have with this next time?

3. Who needs a third with such a great second? Plus, I'm really tired, and technically it's not even Friday anymore.

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Jawan said...

Yes, believe this...I still haven't made them yet. Hopefully, I'll be posting about them soon.