Monday, August 25, 2008

One lunch, two hilarious children

While the kids were eating lunch a little while ago, I heard Ethan say to Lauren, "What's the word on the street?" I kid you not. Where he heard this I do not know, but apparently (in case you are asked), the word is ham. According to Ethan.

After lunch, I let them have some ice cream. This conversation followed:

Ethan: Mom, what kind of ice cream is this?
Me: It's called Turtle Tracks.
Ethan: What does it have in it?
Me: Vanilla ice cream plus caramel and chocolate and pecans
Ethan: What about turtles? Does it have turtles in it?
Me: Nope, no turtles.
Joshua: This has birds in it?? Gross!
Me: What? There are no birds in your ice cream.
Joshua: You said it has pecans in it.
Me: You're thinking of toucans, Josh.

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beckygiggles said...

Sesame street. If you let them watch it, that is. I just know that's how every episode starts.