Monday, August 4, 2008

Life with a drama . . . king

So, tonight was family movie night, which we try to do about once a month. And, no, poor Lauren, as much as we love her, does not get to participate, so perhaps "Family Movie Night" is a slight misnomer. Anyhow, tonight's movie was Iron Will, a classic true story about a boy in a dog sled race. I chose it primarily because Joshua is obsessed with huskies right now, having bought a husky webkin several weeks ago. There are not words to tell you how much he liked this movie. He LOVED it. He wants to know when he can run in a dogsled race and whether he will get to wear "tennis racket shoes" when we move to Pennsylvania. And, of course it could probably go without saying that after it ended, he spent 10 minutes racing around the living room on his stick horse pretending it was a dogsled and telling me to cheer for "Iron Josh" and "Iron Wolfy" (his webkin). When I went in the boys' room to tuck them in, he was climbing over the end of the bunk beds to get on his top bunk (in order to make it more difficult than simply using the ladder) and saying to himself, "Don't give up now . . . you're almost there . . . you can make it . . ."

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