Saturday, August 23, 2008

Florida and Enrique

Lauren: Mommy, I'm putting my babies to bed.
Me: Oh, good idea. What are your babies' names?
Lauren: Florida and Enrique
[Mommy asks Lauren to repeat this several times for clarification.]
Me: Where did you hear that?
Lauren: On the radios.

I'm pretty sure there's an Enrique on DragonTales, but unless she's been watching re-runs of Good Times while I'm sleeping, I have no idea where Florida came from.

This is especially funny in light of the fact that last night I was telling my family that Josh and Ethan lack creativity in naming their stuffed animals. They are all named Tigey, Froggy, Leppy, Wolfy, etc. Leave it to Lauren to break the mold.

And, yes, Enrique is wearing a purple flowery dress.

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