Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The boys' first soccer practice

Though I challenge you to try telling Lauren that it was not hers, too. Good luck.

The boys entered the world of organized sports for the first time tonight, and it could not haved gone better. They had a blast. I had first signed up only Josh because I thought one had to be 5 in order to play. When I found out one could play at age 4, I quickly called to get Ethan signed up, but it was (quite) past the deadline by then, so I was afraid it wouldn't work out. Fortunately, I was wrong, and - even beter - I was able to get them on the same team. As I watched them practice tonight, I was so, so thankful that I got Ethan on the team. He would have been miserable sitting on the sidelines with me and the 2 year olds watching all those boys having soccer practice! As it was, both boys got to don their first set of soccer cleats and shin guards and those socks that make them look like they're growing up way faster than they should.

The inaugural huddle and break:

Learning some skills:

Their first time "taking a knee:"


Ethan is "taking a knee" in this pic, but he was a little worn out by then:

See what I mean about trying to convince Lauren she was not on the team? I was very glad for a few other 2 year old siblings who were happy to join in her little scrimmage game:

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