Monday, March 22, 2010

New bikes

Somehow we found ourselves in a situation this year where all three kids needed a new bike. I found one for Lauren on Craig's List down in Lancaster, so David's parents picked it up for me on Saturday. When I stopped by their house on my way home from D.C. yesterday to get it, his dad and I found a guy selling used bikes in his yard, and I ended up getting bikes for Josh and Ethan, too.

Of course the kids had NO idea that I might come home from my trip to Washington, D.C. bearing new (to them) bicycles, so their delight over my homecoming was at least tripled.

Joshua loves his because it's a "trick bike," which I think means the handlebars turn all the way around, and it has pegs you can stand on.

Lauren was by far the most excited of all. She is in love with this bike . . . and honestly, who wouldn't be?

Notice the zebra-pattern seat cover.

Sadly, the bike I bought for poor Ethan did not work out. The kids wants a bike so badly, but this one I bought is just a little too big for him. So, while Josh and Lauren were riding their new bikes this afternoon, Ethan helped me cook dinner.

Ethan is so good at rolling with the punches on things like this. I have forgotten his monthly "special day" at school twice, and he didn't even tell me about it the second time. He handles disappointment much better than Joshua and Lauren do . . . which of course just makes me want to run out and get him a new bike as quickly as I can. Hope I can find one before next weekend.

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Lenae said...

Yay for new bikes! And your Ethan is such a sweetie! Hope you find some wheels for him soon.