Friday, March 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes


Since I can't seem to make it to the gym anymore, I've started doing my Biggest Loser workout dvd again.

I'm pretty sure Jillian and Bob are trying to kill me.


While leaving her babysitter's house yesterday, Lauren said to me, "Mommy, I want to keep these two big pieces of ice for my ice collection."

"You don't have an ice collection."

"I do now!"



Day # 7,312 stuck in the house in the middle of winter: marshmallow/toothpick creations.

The Big Dipper (or maybe it's the little one)

Marshmallow Man


Sure, they can all get on daddy's shoulders

But, then what?


Going to Elmira on a double date tomorrow! Excited to be within within spittin' distance of a Target, a restaurant that seats more than 15 people, and a theater with more than one movie. (I started to say "in close proximity to," but "spittin' distance" just seemed more Southern, and I have to cling desperately to what I have left of my Southern, ahem, charm?)

And, yes, we are driving an hour and a half to go to dinner and a movie.

Those of you who live within twenty minutes of your date-night destination, bow your head and say thank you when you go to bed tonight.


Can a person eat too many bananas? I eat at two or three a day. Sometimes more. I mean, I buy an INSANE amount of bananas every time I go to the grocery store.


Okay, I have officially bottomed out with the Quick Takes. For what I'm sure are far more scintillating Quick Takes, head over to Conversion Diary.


Carol DD in CA said...

Beck, as always, I love reading your lifts my spirits! Your children are priceless!

Deborah said...

I do the Biggest Loser workout too..and I agree...they are harsh! LOL!

CM said...

I have some Biggest Loser workouts; but I don't want to do them. Those workouts hurt!

beck'sthree said...

CM, I'm pretty sure they are not really intended to help anyone. They are evil science experiments designed to find out how many squats it takes to kill a person.