Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday

One of many blessings that has come from discovering Sarah's awesome blog is that I found out about Perfectly Poetical Tuesday, a monthly event held over at The Little Stuff of Life.

One Tuesday each month she offers up a different theme or style of poetry and asks bloggers to submit their own original poetry.

I know. Sounds as exciting as watching paint peel, right?

I was an English major and have taught both high school and middle school English in my pre-lawyer life; nevertheless, I have never enjoyed writing poetry. I like reading the really famous stuff, but other than that I'm not even much of a poetry reader. I'm unimaginative, and I have a creative streak a millimeter wide.

But . . . this month's theme is the Cinquain. It's five lines with a prescribed (small) number of words in each line. Not much room for imagination, very little need for creativity, and only eleven words. Now that sounds like my kind of poetry.

So here's my contribution inspired by this photo I took last night:

It's different
When you're alone
It's better with others


This Heavenly Life said...

Cute! Gotta love the dance parties :) Was this an interpretation of their recent school-taught discos?

Amanda said...

I love it! Reminds me of dancing with my two younger sisters when we were little.

Carol DD - in CA said...

I like you cinquain. It perfectly describes the joy and the "give it all up to the dance with the ones you love" quality shining on their faces!

Lenae said...

Awesome! This made me smile.

Stephanie said...

Hi Beck! Thanks for joining in - even though you're not a huge poetry fan! Sorry it's taken me this long to return the visit - the last few days have been particularly nuts.

But, yes, dancing IS better with others! And there is so much joy in that photo! Definitely inspiring!

PS Next month is a couplet, so just two lines. Hope to see you then!