Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Like most moms, I ask my kids the same questions every afternoon. "How was school today?" "Did you have a good day?" " What did you do?"

The answers are always similar: good. yes. nothing.

This is why it was so surprising to me after dinner last night when Joshua stood up and said, "Hey, watch me do my disco" and then proceeded to perform a full-on finger-pointing, hip-swaying Saturday Night Fever rendition. He was actually quite good.

Me: Where did you learn about disco?
J: At school.
M: In gym?
J: No, just at school.
M: Your teacher showed you?
J: Yeah, we always dance before handwriting.
M: Well, of course.

This is when Ethan hops out of his chair and starts doing criss-crossing hip-hop moves with his feet. "Look what I can do," he says.

Now I'm really intrigued.

Me: Ethan, where did you learn that?
Ethan: At school.
M: But where in school? In your classroom?
E: No, during brain gym.
M: Brain gym? What's brain gym.
E: It's when we all go in the hall and dance.
M: Who? Your class?
E: No, all the kindergarten classes.
M: All the kindergarteners go in the hall and dance together??? Every day???

For the record, when I was a kid and said I had done nothing at school, it was most likely true. But when you and your class are learning disco routines before handwriting or going in the hall to do a little criss-cross with 50 other kids, you absolutely may not say you did nothing at school.


Tammy said...

For the record, I'm a kindergarten teacher, and my kids do Dr. Jean's "Saturday Night Fever" cheer almost daily. They LOVE it.

Lenae said...

J: Yeah, we always dance before handwriting.
M: Well, of course.

Nice, casual response, Mom! This made me laugh A LOT :)

This Heavenly Life said...

I'm laughing over here too :) Those are definitely SOMEthing worth mentioning oh, I don't know, the FIRST time they happened. This is one of the parts of motherhood I'm not going to handle so well. The not being privy to every aspect of their lives.

I'm with Lenae: I like your casual response :)