Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We have arrived

I really want to write about our trip. About how it took us 22 hours and started with children throwing up before we even reached Atlanta. About how seven wonderful women from our new church came over and cleaned my new house from top to bottom before I arrived. About how I LOVE my new house. About what an amazingly fantastic job my husband did decorating our house and how he slept on the third floor until I got here because he knows how much I love fresh clean sheets, and he didn't want to spoil them. About how much the kids love, love, love their rooms and their yard.

But, I'm tired. So for now, just know that we made it here safely, and we miss those of you we left behind. We got the internet up and running today (well, in our house anyway . . . unlike Al Gore, we aren't really responsible for the rest of the world's web access), so I will blog about all the details soon.

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Katherine Maxey said...

how great!! so glad you're there and hope and pray the "settling in" comes quickly!! we will miss all of the Ross family smiling at church...don't take too long to visit!