Friday, May 8, 2009

A proud post

In lieu of Quick Takes today - since, let's face it, I don't really have seven things worth writing about - I thought I'd take a moment and indulge in a little bragging today. I apologize if you are not related to me or my children. (And by that, I mean I apologize that you won't find this interesting, but I suppose I could also apologize that we're not related. Yeah, you're really missing out.)

Here are a few things I'm proud of today:

1. Ethan

First, his math skills. Here's what he's been working on lately. He can look at this:

and write this:

(The bottom number is the answer to this one, by the way.)

Here's another math sheet he did the other day.

And, lastly, a reading/writing worksheet.

Not bad for a 4 year-old, I think.

2. Joshua.

When I went into his school to pick him up yesterday, his teacher came over to talk to me. She said, "I just wanted to tell you that Joshua is so good. He is the most obedient child in the class; he obeys me the first time every time."

I took him to Red Lobster for lunch yesterday to use the gift card Grandma sent him for his kindergarten graduation. I think he deserved those crab legs, don't you?

3. My fruit creation. I made my own edible arrangement for our small group party this week.

See, all that time spent watching the Food Network has its benefits.

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