Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At least she never lacks for something to cry about

Lauren: Mommy, did Josh name me Lauren or Baby Lauren?

Me: Well, Mommy and Daddy and Josh all picked the name Lauren and named you that, but Josh called you baby Lauren because you were a baby.

L: Did I name Josh "baby Josh" when he was a baby?

M: No, you weren't born yet when Josh was a baby.

L: I wasn't here with you and daddy and Josh and Ethan?

M: No, you weren't born until after Josh and Ethan.

L (starting to use panic-voice): Well, mommy, who was with me?!

M: No one, sweetie. God hadn't made you yet, so you weren't here at all.

L (crying now): Mommy, I would be scared all by myself!!

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