Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


I've just gotten all three kids off to school, which is no small feat with my kids. One would think that getting ready for school would be a simple matter: eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, and get dressed. That's it. That's all they have to do in the morning. How can that take 45 minutes and involve wailing and gnashing of teeth every single day?

First there's breakfast: Josh has more oatmeal than me. Ethan took the last maple & brown sugar. Hey, that's MY cup!

Then there's the seating dilemma: They sat on the bench last time! It's my turn! I don't want to sit next to him!

Next comes the toothbrushing issues: I hate that kind of toothpaste; it feels like my mouth is burning! No, that kind is girly; it's Dora!

Of course, all of those pale in comparison to the monumental task of getting them dressed, which involves locating one of the four items of clothing Josh owns that don't "irritate" him: This one feels scratchy, that one squeezes my arms. I can't squat in those pants, these buttons hurt. Those sleeves come up when I go like this, that one's too stiff.


Once we finally get the clothes on, we must find acceptable socks and then put them on inside out. You heard me. Inside out. Apparently, the strings are irritating if they're on the inside. And, naturally, since Joshua wants his socks inside out, Ethan must have his inside out as well. Never mind that Ethan's socks have that rubbery grip stuff on the bottom to keep him from sliding; they must be inside out like Josh's.

And so it is that 3/4 of an hour is spent on three simple tasks.


I'm beginning to think Lauren may be my smartest kid. Yesterday she was eating an apple and asked me if she could go outside and plant the seeds to grow an apple tree. I said sure. When I went outside to get something a few minutes later, she had buried the seeds and was sticking wildflowers into the dirt. We had this conversation:

Lauren: Mommy, will you help me plant these flowers?
Me: I'm cleaning up right now, maybe in a few minutes.
L: But, I NEED you to help me.
M: It looks like you're doing great. What do you need me for?
L: Um, I need you to water it for me.
M: But, that's your favorite part, why do you want me to water them?
L: I need you to water them and help me because I wuv you.

Well then . . . who can say no to that?


I got my Kindle last week, and I think I have died and gone to heaven. I would put it up there as one of the best purchases I've made in the past 10 years. It's small and light, so it's easy to take with me anywhere, and it takes less than a minute to download a book to it. Since it holds 1500 books, I don't think I will lack for something to read anytime soon.

Having lived in this tiny town with its even tinier library for four months now, I was desperate for a way to get my hands on books. The only obvious solution was ordering them online, which is what I've been doing, but then I have to wait for them to arrive. Day after day after day. Waiting is not my gift. Now I choose a book or ten from the Kindle store, and I can start reading it minutes later. I'm in love again.


I live in the Allegheny Mountains, near the Allegheny River. I take Alleghany Rd. to get to my house, and there is a town not far from here with the word Allegany in its name.

Did you notice that I spelled the word three different ways? Those were not typos; that's how they are spelled in regard to the various things I mentioned. The official spellings. How can the town and the road and the river not be spelled the same??!


I have mentioned on here before that I LOVED our church in Georgia. It was one of the hardest things to give up and without question one of the things I miss the most. Even more than Chik-fil-A.

However, I must mention that the people in our church here are absolutely wonderful. When I was in the hospital last weekend, a couple of people came up to the hospital to sit with David and to visit me the next day. When I got home, my kids had been watched, my kitchen had been cleaned, my pantry had been replenished, and food had been cooked. People I don't even know brought us meals. The people in this church are a genuine reflection of God's love, and I am so thankful to have found that here. I guess demonstrating the love of Christ is more important than good music anyway, right? Right.


Does Facebook try to get anyone else out there to be friends with Karen C? (I hate to put someone's full name on here, especially someone I don't know.)

Normally, when Facebook makes a friend suggestion, it tells me why it's suggesting that person. We have nine mutual friends, or she's in my network, or she also went to my college.

But not this person. Every two or three days, Facebook recommends her and gives no reason. Apparently, they just think we should be friends.


We finally got around to making goop last time Isabella came over to play with Lauren. They had a blast with it, and it was so simple to make. Thanks, Jawan.

Don't you just love chubby three year-old hands?


Lenae said...

Oh man, you have planted terrible Kindle envy in my heart! I can't really justify it, though- we have bookstores and libraries galore here. I guess it's time to move, ha ha!

Your new church family sounds wonderful. We are blessed to be members of a congregation that are much the same, and there is nothing like the comfort we derive from such fellowship.

This Heavenly Life said...


jessica barber said...

stride right no seam socks=my love!!!!!!! ty hates the strings in socks because they arent straight and it can take an hour to put them on right.....i love love love stride rights and nordtsrom no seams socks..... so worth the $$$$$$$ i promise you might love them more than the kindle ;)