Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mom, come see how cute we look

This is what I heard from the kitchen a few minutes ago. It was Josh, of course. He and Ethan decided to make a train out of the kitchen chairs. This was by no means the first time they've done this, but apparently today Joshua thought they looked cuter than normal. :)


Josh said, "Did you notice we're in our pajamas? We're ready for small group!" (Which starts in almost 3 hrs!) Once I had the camera out, Josh wanted me to take a picture of the that showed the dino on his pajama pants. (Don't ask me how he ended up standing on the counter.)


This has been one of those days where my patience wears thin easily. Okay, I admit, that seems to be most days lately. Since tonight is a small group night, which means Lauren will be up late, I knew she needed to take her nap later in the day than normal. However, when I felt like I was running out of patience for the day at 9:14 am, I also knew that I would not be able to keep her up until afternoon if we stayed home all day. So, needing to go to Sam's anyway, we decided to get out of the house for awhile. Took the kids to Burger King for chocolate milkshakes (thank you, BK $1 menu!) and let them run around on the playground for almost an hour. Josh and Ethan found a couple of other boys to play with and had a great time. Then, off to Sam's and home for Lauren's nap.


Jawan said...

I think a little sippy from those wine bottles on the counter might help ease the chaos! HA!

kim said...

Are you living my life??? (2nd part of your post)

To answer them "Yes you look cute, lol"