Thursday, April 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday


I'm scared. My Blogger dashboard page says that Blogger is getting a "new look" in April, and it's asking if I want to "upgrade now." Threats of impending change like that scare me. Why can't they just leave me and my little blog alone? What's changing? Will I have to figure out new widgets? Re-crop a photo? Doesn't Blogger care that fears like this will keep me up all night?


Ever notice how it's the smallest things that sometimes lead to happiness? I'm not talking about relationships here. Or life choices. Or attitude. I'm talking about something way more happiness-inducing. I went to swap out the laundry tonight - utterly dreading having to fold and put away the load from the dryer, but needing to get the wet stuff out of the washer. Guess what I found? An empty dryer! Apparently, I had already emptied it this morning. That right there, my friend, makes an otherwise lousy day all worthwhile.


Joshua is sick. He stayed home from school yesterday and apparently spent the last two hours of school today in the nurse's office. She told him to lie down and rest for a bit to see if he felt better, and then she forgot about him. Or as she put it, "lost track of time." When she remembered he was there, it was ten minutes until dismissal, so it was too late to send him home. I asked him if he cared that he was there for so long, and of course he said no. It was better than being in class, I guess, sad as that may be.


So tonight Joshua watched several episodes of Man vs. Food on the Travel channel. As it neared for bed, I asked him if he wanted to take the liquid medicine that he took (and complained about) last night or if he wanted to try a Nyquil gelcap. He said he wanted to try the Nyquil. He can totally swallow pills, but I showed him that this one is larger than the ibuprofen or Benadryl he's used to taking.

He saw the size of the gelcap, took a long, deep breath, and said, "Alright, mom . . . this is man vs. pill. I gotta tell you the truth . . . I'm a little scared."

He put it in his mouth and promptly spit it down the drain. There went a dollar.


Update: In the 24 hours that have past between the writing of QT #4 and QT #5, I have taken Josh to the doctor. He has strep. Again. Third time this school year. Oh and Lauren came home from school crying of a tummy ache and promptly had, um shall we say "uncontrollable?", diarrhea. Splendid. Don't everyone beat the door down trying to come visit us at once, okay?

The worst part is Lauren told me that she went to the nurse's office twice today at school complaining about her stomach. I know it must be hard for the nurses/teachers to know the right solution when I'm sure at least 100 kids a day complain of tummy aches, but seriously?! The day after you kept my son sitting in the nurse's office for two hours because you forgot about him, you're going to keep sending my daughter back to class when she clearly felt horrible? (She said she laid on the bottom of a slide during the entire recess because her stomach hurt too much to play and that she didn't eat her snack for the same reason.) The school will be hearing from this momma soon.


On a happier note, I introduced my family to the Marx Brothers today. I grew up watching them, so it felt like reconnecting with old friends for me. Joshua has long been convinced that nothing good can come in black and white film, so I had to convince him to give it a shot. We watched Go West (my favorite of them all) while he was home from school this afternoon, then we watched At the Races tonight. Can't go wrong with Groucho.

I made this cake for Easter Sunday.

It's a banana cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and raspberry filling. Just thought I'd leave you with a happy thought. You're welcome.

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