Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dinner fail

The following is a public service announcement.

How NOT to cook a successful dinner:

1. Put fish and dinner rolls in the oven to bake.

2. Put rice and green beans on the stove to cook.

3. Go upstairs to get some dirty laundry for the washing machine, which has been off for a record-breaking 17 minutes.

4. Get distracted by the clutter in your bedroom and decide to clean out yours and your husband's dressers. (You have the "luxury" of doing this only because your husband has taken all three children to a cub scout meeting and you are home alone. You must seize the opportunity secretly to get rid of the faded, torn, threadbare t-shirts said husband has been wearing since he was in college 15 years ago.)

5. Begin to smell something burning.

6. Go downstairs to discover a kitchen full of smoke and nothing that resembles the salmon, rice, green beans, and rolls with which you started . . . an hour and 45 minutes ago.

7. Call China Garden.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by The Voice of Experience.

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