Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All About Lauren

Today was Lauren's first day of school. Since the day I began inquiring about preschools last summer, I have been hearing about Ms. B. Everyone whose child has ever been in Mrs. B's class talks about her as if she is the goddess of preschool teachers.

Now I know why.

At Open House last week, Mrs. B had all of the kids bring a teddy bear to keep in the classroom for the year. This morning, they were to find their teddy bear and that was their seat in the reading circle.

Mrs. B has a different theme for each month during the school year, and the theme for this month is "Sailing Into September." She personalized a sailor hat for each child and officially pronounced them sailors this morning.

Sailor Lauren (Mrs. B also took pictures of each child to go in the preschool photo album each child's parents will receive at the end of the school year.)

Lauren with Mrs. B (who usually dresses like a normal person but will wear anything for the sake of a fun lesson):

Lauren and her BFF Tori.

One end of the room decorated for this month's Sailor theme.

The other end of the room where the kids have reading and circle time.

I can guess which activity center will quickly be deemed Lauren's favorite:

Another activity center:

Yet another (notice the huge scuba diver on the wall . . . and this is just for this month's theme!):

And another:

The group table where all of the crayons, pencils, etc. are stored in a pirate ship for September:

I cannot tell you how excited Lauren was to start school today. She begged me all day yesterday to let her go ahead and start, apparently not believing me that there would be no one there since school did not start until Wednesday.

I am so thankful for how God has provided for our every need here in PA, not just in a way that is sufficient, but in a way that is perfect and abundant.

In other Lauren news, she is still LOVING soccer:

I love how this picture perfectly captures the essence of Lauren: active, sport-playing, dirt-loving . . . but always wearing a sparkly shirt and a skirt while doing so. She's definitely the only kid on the soccer field wearing a skirt every practice.


CDD in CA said...

I'm Mrs. B is simply amazing! Lauren is so adorable, Becky. I love all of the pictures.

Lenae said...

Mrs B. looks awesome! What a fun, adventurous classroom Lauren will get to spend her days in.

Let me get this straight: She wears a skirt to soccer practice?! I love it!

Ellen said...

Lauren is so like Courtney but Courtney was too girly even to play soccer! she did wear sparkley clothes just about every day. I am so glad about the fabulous class that Lauren is in! her teacher looks like she is lots of fun and the room is just magical! The Lord certainly did provide! we still miss you all here though!!!