Monday, May 3, 2010

It's almost like it's not safe to live anywhere

These are just a few of the criminal activities that plagued our area this week. Try not to shudder.

Woman Got Unwanted Phone Calls
Troopers investigated a complaint Friday between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm on W.E. Road in E. Township.

M. Simmons, of E., PA, complained a known person was making unwanted phone calls to her. She declined prosecution in this case.

Theft by Deception

K. State Police are investigating an incident of THEFT BY DECEPTION that occurred between February 1 and April 30 at a location off of S. Road in E. Township, M. County.

Actors cut timber from property of H. Martin, Jr, without compensating him . This is a continuing investigation.

S.M., age 43
Charged by PSP on 4-30-10 with PEDESTRIANS UNDER INFLUENCE.

Actor(s) Drove Through Woods Knocking Down Trees

Last weekend, unknown actor(s) damaged the dash panel of a Case bulldozer to gain access to the ignition, and then drove the bulldozer a short distance through the woods , knocking down and damaging several trees. The actor then left the bulldozer and fled the scene.

The incident occurred on a gas line road, off of M. Road in W. Township, P. County. The bulldozer is owned by NFS Corp.

Anyone who has the rest of the story is encouraged to contact PSP. Trooper J.C. is the investigator.

Property Damaged In Village of R.

C. State Police are investigating a report of damage to a wooden lattice at a property on L. Creek Road in R. that occurred between 4-23 and 4-26.

An unknown individual damaged a 8 foot by 2 foot section of wooden lattice at 13 L. Creek Road, owned by J.B. of C., PA. The Criminal Mischief remains under investigation.

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happygeek said...

Lock your doors. Your crimes are OUT OF CONTROL.