Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I cannot homeschool

I remember when Joshua was two and I naively thought that, one day, as he got older, the questions would end. I was wrong.

The following conversation took place on a car ride yesterday during which we were talking about wanting to climb Mt. Everest some day:

Josh: Mom, could a really, really fat person climb Mt. Everest?

Me: Probably not, because you have to be in really good shape to climb such a big mountain.

And because if he scraped a really sharp rock, it might poke a hole and he would shrink?

Um, no. An overweight person is not full of air like a balloon . . . it's fat.

Mom, I wish that could happen so I could be really, really, REALLY fat and then poke a hole in myself and fly up through the air like when you let the air out of a balloon and it goes all over the place.

Yes, that does sound fun.

Mom, do you think if I was as big as 100 trees and was full of air and you poked a hole in me, I would fly up as high as the top of Mt. Everest?


So, really, how does one answer such a question? I am not a stupid person but must plead ignorance on the force created by the release of air in a person the size of 100 trees. I'm pretty sure we never addressed that scenario in physics.

This is why I don't do homeschool.

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This Heavenly Life said...

Ha! My answer would be:

"Ahhhhh....well...yes. Yes, that's totally what would happen. Hey! Let's go get a milkshake!"

Which would create a really overweight, really oblivious homeschool family :) But we sure would be happy.